Céline Ordioni



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Born on the internet and raised by memes, Céline is a New York Native currently residing in Los Angeles.

Professionally, she is a video editor who edits a wide range of content from branded digital to music videos. She is well versed In Adobe Creative Suite as well as Final Cut. She is also an animator, doing most of her animations by hand on her tablet.

Passionately, Céline is a multimedia artist whose works speak for itself– literally. Almost all of her sculptural pieces incorporate mouths, and her paintings are always paired with captions. Her work is a projection of the interactions she has with with the world around her, and is heavily influenced by the complexity of the human experience.

Her stream-of-consciousness approach to her work (and her life) allows her to be unlimited and unafraid to say what she wants, because really, as a Jewish girl from Long Island, she just can’t help herself.