Céline Ordioni




Born on the internet and raised by memes, Céline is a New York Native currently residing in Los Angeles.

Professionally, she is a video editor editing a wide range of content from branded digital to music videos. She is well versed In Adobe Creative Suite as well as Final Cut. She is also an animator, doing most of her animations by hand on her tablet.

Passionately, Céline is an artist who works in a variety of mediums: from life casting and sculpture, to painting and digital art. What is specific to her particular talent lies in a unique combination of these mediums to produce a body of work that is truly “one of a kind”. She has been a part of many art shows in both Los Angeles and New York.

Beyond her artistic abilities, Céline is a girl who loves music, laughter, and not taking life too seriously. It's these qualities that make her work both inspirational as well as inviting. From down to Earth to outer space, Céline invites us along as humans to experience the fantastic sensation of getting lost in her world.